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5.0 Presentation

The game follows the GBA standards and barely offers enough DS centric options.
5.5 Graphics
Because the game was created for the GBA platform first and ported over, the visuals are downplayed for those limitations. Good for GBA, DS owners should expect more.
6.0 Sound
Very Pokemon-esque tunes that are nice but repetitive. No cartoon voices, but no screechy Game Boy audio either.
6.5 Gameplay
It's a solid but very repetitive RPG. Yes it's never the same dungeon twice, but it really doesn't matter since they're still stacked the same.
8.0 Lasting Appeal
If you want to take advantage of the connectivity between the DS and GBA or same system editions for multiplayer, the game's got legs.
Passable OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)


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